Saturday, April 24, 2010

"The Line" by Teri Hall [4]

Rachel lives with her mother on The Property. The good thing about living there is that it's far from the city, where the oppressive government is most active. The bad thing, at least to most people, is that it's close to the Line - an uncrossable section of the National Border Defense System, an invisible barrier that encloses the entire country.
She can see the Line from the greenhouse windows, but she is forbidden to go near it. Across the Line is Away, and though Rachel has heard many whispers about the dangers there, she's never really believed the stories. Until the day she hears a recording that could only have come from across the Line.
It's a voice asking for help.
Who sent the message? What is her mother hiding? And to what lengths will Rachel go in order to do what she thinks is right?
This is a really great book that 13/14 year old will enjoy. Teri Hall is a new and upcoming author and this is her debut novel.
With only just over 200 pages to read you'll get through this quite quickly. This novel will be a series and one that will be anticipated with relish. Very easy to read, the author writes quite beautifully.
So the story is about a young girl who is approximately 14 -16 years in age, and she and her mother work on The Property for a lady called Ms Moore. Her mother is a domestic cleaner and Rachel is studying but also works in the greenhouse with the Orchids. Rachel has a fascination with whats on the other side of the Line. Then one day she finds a recording that will change her life as well as those around her. But is she brave enough to make the right choices that will help everyone.
A really great read that young teeanagers will completely enjoy, also a great introduction to the fantasy style of writing.
I rate this book 4 stars.

Friday, April 23, 2010

'The Dead-Tossed Waves' by Carrie Ryan [5]

Gabry lives a quiet life, secure in her town next to the sea and behind the Barrier. She's content to let her friends dream of the Dark City up the coast while she watches from the top of her lighthouse. Home is all she's ever known, and all she needs for happiness.
But life after the Return is never safe, and there are threats even the Barrier can't hold back.
Gabry's mother thought she left her secrets behind in the Forest of Hands and Teeth, but like the dead in their world, secrets don't stay buried. And now, Gabry's world is crumbling.
One night beyond the Barrier ...
One boy Gabry's known forever and one veiled in mystery ...
One reckless moment, and half of Gabry's generation is dead, the other half imprisoned.
Gabry knows only one thing: if she is to have any hope of a future, she must face the forest of her mother's past.
I have been so waiting for the sequel to the 'Forest of Hands and Teeth' and I wasn't disappointed with it. The story is about Mary's daughter Gabry, so it's set about 12 years after Mary arrives on the beach. Gabry has been fairly sheltered from the evil that is outside the barriers, but one night with her friends changes her whole world.
Gabry meets a new boy called Elias who is from the outside world and she has feeling for him ... but that can't be right because she has always loved Catcher, her best friends brother. All these new thoughts and feelings are racing through her as well as trying to stay alive from the Mudo.
A brilliant sequel to the first novel, the only problem with it is you'll have to wait for the next installment because it's left HANGING.....
I read this in about 5 hours as I just could not put it down.
A little tricky to start with as you are getting to know new characters and their language for what they call the Unconsecrated etc, but apart from that just fantasic.
all I can say is ... 'Hurry up and Write the next one.'
I rate this book 5 stars.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

'Loving Frank' by Nancy Horan [5]

In the early 1900's polite Chicago society was rocked by terrible scandal as renowned architect, frank Lloyd Wright, ran off with Mamah Cheney, a client's wife.
Abandoning their families and reputations, the lovers fled to Europe and exile. Mamah's actions branded her an unnatural mother and society relished her persecution.
For the rest of her life mamah paid an extraordinary price for moving outside society's rules, in a time that was unforgiving of a woman's quest for fulfillment and personal happiness. headstrong and honest, her love for Frank was unfaltering.
This months book club read is an exceptional and unforgettable story about the love affair of Mamah Borthwick Cheney to the amazing architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
In a time when women were still trying to have the opportunity and the right to vote, a love blossoms between a client's wife and an architect who designs and builds their new home. Mamah is married to a good man, but she is not happy. Her husband decides he wants to build a new modern home and he hires the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
It is here that a passionate love affair starts and will tear apart two families in the end. Because of the time [early 1900's], the couple flee to Europe for some rest from the hounding of the press. After travelling through Europe they finally settle in Wisconsin where Frank builds his beloved Taliesin for Mamah.
This is an amazing story that will reside with you for days after you've read it, it's mesmerizing and fascinating and the attention to the historical detail is truly brilliant. It is ultimately a very sad story and you wish that it would have had a happy ending for a couple who truly did love each other.
You come away asking yourself questions about how you would have done things if you were in their shoes. How far have women's rights change today, and do you still think it right for a mother too leave her husband and children to pursue her personal growth?
Truly thought provoking.
I rate this novel 5 stars.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Dark Lover" by Brenda Joyce [4]

Ian Maclean's arrogance hides a terrible secret - for decades he was held prisoner by demons.

Not a day goes by that he isn't tormented by his darkest fears of powerlessness.

Now he is about to sell to the highest bidder a page he's stolen from the Book of Power -

if one woman doesn't stop him.

Slayer Samantha Rose's latest mission is to recover the stolen page -

and get payback from the only man who's ever rejected her.

what she hasn't counted on is the raging attraction between them - or her growing realization of what Maclean has survived.

As the powers of the evil from his past gather, Sam will do anything to help him -

even if it meant following him into time and facing his worst nightmares with him...

This is the fifth book in the series.

A warning first, there is a lot of sex in this novel.

I loved this story between Sam and Ian, they are both feisty and arrogant, and both think they are the best at what they everything!

It is action packed right from the start until the finish...

full of humour, lust, romance, egos and everything thing in between...

Both Characters are torment in some way from their past and both have to learn to let go and depend on someone else for support, for comfort and friendship.

A great story full of testosterone and sensuality.

The next installment is entitled "Dark Resurrection" no release date as yet.

I rate this novel 4 stars.

"Dark Victory" by Brenda Joyce [3 1/2]

A dark, ruthless Highlander, the Black Macleod has refused his destiny.
His life is revenge for the massacre of his family. His enemies' insults -
that he is a man of stone - only amuse him.
But fate is impatient, and when a woman from another time dares to summon him,
he cannot resist her powers - or her...
A schoolteacher by day, Tabitha Rose uses her magic to protect others by night.
When the vision of a dark Highlander, bloody and burned, appears to Tabby,
she knows she has been called to help him, no matter how frightening he might be.
But what Tabby doesn't expect is to be taken against her will to his dark, violent time.
And when evil begins to stalk her, she realizes she must fight for far more than his destiny - she must fight for her love....
This is book Four in the Masters of Time Series.
The reason why this book is half a point less than the rest, is that I found it a bit frustrating in the fact that there was so much talking between the characters and not enough action going on. The character of Tabby was a little annoying for me because she always second guessed herself and then had to have a discussion with Macleod about it.
Macleod was a strong character, he probably isn't my favourite warrior, but these two characters suit each other.
The basic story was OK, not as good as some of the other books.
I rate this book 3 1/2 stars.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dark Embrace by Brenda Joyce [4]

Aidan, the Wolf of Awe, has abandoned the Brotherhood and forsaken his vows.
feared by all and trusted by none, he hunts alone, seeking vengenance against the evil
that destroyed his son. He has not saved an Innocent in sixty-six years -
until he hears Brianna Roes's scream of terror across centuries, and leaps to mordern-day
Manhattern to rescue her...
Brie is a gifted empath who spends her time fighting evil from the safety of her laptop -
and fantasizing about the medieval Highlander she met just once. Still, her life is pretty ordinary-
until she awakens one night consumed with Aiden's pain and rage. When Aiden suddenly appears
and takes her hostage, Brie cannot believe how dark and dangerous he has become.
She knows she should be afraid, but instead, she will fight across time for his
redemption... and his love.
This is book 3 in the Masters of Time series.
A powerfully emotional, ingenious novel about a world peopled with characters that completely
capture your imagination. Her world of Healers and Masters is rich and the plot well-handled.
The supporting characters are excellent, and the passion intense.
You will be a willing captive from the opening until the very end.
An easy read that you'll fly through.
I rate this book 4 stars.

"North and South' by Elizabeth Gaskell [5]

Margaret opened the door and went in with the straight, fearless, dignified presence habitual to her.
She felt no awkwardness; she had too much the habits of society for that. Here was a person come on business to her father; and, as he was one who had shown himself obliging, she was disposed to treat him with a full measure of civility.

Mr Thornton was a good deal more surprised and discomfited that she. Instead of a quiet, middle-aged clergyman, a young lady came forward with frank dignity, - a young lady of a different type to most of those he was in the habit of seeing. Her dress was very plain: a close straw bonnet of the best material and shape, trimmed with white ribbon; a dark silk gown, without any trimming or flounce; a large Indian shawl, which hung about her in long heavy folds, and which she wore as an empress wears her drapery. He did not understand who she was, as he caught the simple, straight, unabashed look, which showed that his being there was of no concern to the beautiful countenance, and called up no flush of surprise to the pale ivory of the complexion. he had heard that Mr Hale had a daughter, but he had imagined that she was a little girl.
'Mr Thornton, I believe!' said Margaret, after a half-instant's pause, during which his unready words would not come. 'Will you sit down?'

Set in the mid-nineteenth century and written from the author's first-hand experience,
North and South follows the story of Margaret Hale and her families move from the tranquil but stagnant ways of the southern England to the vital but turbulent north.

The author has cleverly woven together an unusual love story to show how the complex relationships from different classes could survive in this new industrial society.

For all those fans of 'Pride and Prejudice' and Mr Darcy and Elizabeth...
well this is a novel for you.

You'll fall in love with Mr Thornton who is a hard working Cotton Mill owner, and Margaret Hale, who has lived the typical shelter Victorian upbringing. Their story is similar in many ways to Darcy and Elizabeth's, pride, prejudice, and misunderstanding.

A must read for all who love romance.

A little piece of advice...the reading is a little difficult as it's written in there period, but persist,
it's all worth it in the end.

I rate this book 5 stars.
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