Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Nearly Departed" by Rook Hastings [4]

"Ive seen a ghost," said Emily.
"Well, not seen one exactly. Heard one.
At least, I think I have..."
Woodsville is not like other towns. night falls a little earlier there, the shadows are darker and denser, and everyone knows it's a place where strange things happen. Even if they won't admit it.
Bethan would prefer to be anywhere but here. Jay has his theories, but isn't ready to share. Hashim sees more than he'll say, while Kelly's demons are all too flesh and blood. but Emily's freak-out brings them out of denial and face to face with the supernatural. Anywhere else, Friday night would be date night. But not in Weirdsville...
This was a real cool novel to read ... no vampires, werewolves, faeries ... but about ghosts and ghost hunting. This is the first in the YA range where I've come across this genre and thoroughly enjoyed it too.
It really takes you back to your school days and what it was like as a 15 year old, the boys feel all the boy things and the girls are just girls and what they get up too. The four main characters are all so likable and you really start to enjoy them the more you find out about them. I loved the way the author has them all meet through a project and they find out that they have a lot in common with each other and become friends, when normally they wouldn't be. The plot was spellbinding and leaves you guessing right up until the last minute as to what happens. This novel reminds me of a few T.V series with little twists about it.
"As he waited in the old history block, Jay watched the footage from the camcorder
on his laptop for about the hundredth time since he'd first transferred it on Saturday afternoon.
All weekend he'd studied and studied it, resisting the urge to call the others in
until he'd tried every possible way to explain what was on there.
he still couldn't believe what he was seeing, and if he couldn't even believe his eyes
then what were the others going to think?"
pg 160.
"They heard a thin, high-pitched squeak from behind,
like fingers being scraped across a blackboard. As one, they slowly turned towards the sound.
In the thick condensation that filmed the bedroom window,
a finger-thick line was being drawn by an unseen hand.
Silently, they stood transfixed as they watched the message finally form:
help Her."
pg 214.
Four accidental friends have a destiny that awaits them and the beginning of a new friendship that will try and test the bounds of what it means to be true friends. It's eerie and spooky and you'll just love it. The next installment is entitle "Immortal Remains" and it's out now. This is a must read for both boys and girls and they will totally enjoy it.
I read this book 4 stars.

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