Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting back together AGAIN

Well change of venue for Feb's Bookclub meeting .... It is going be around at K's house at 7:30 next Friday nite ...

I am actually looking forward to this one as I really enjoyed this book .... And if you can locate or come up with some questions that would be great ... As I cannot find any !!

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SamD said...

I had a look for some DQ's and couldn't find anything specific but I did find these....

General questions to think about while reading:

What is the book about? What is the theme?

What are the main ideas? What is the point the author is trying to make?

Is the book believable? Consider if the author’s message is valid.

If the book gives information, what is its significance? Is it entertaining? Enriching?

How does it compare to others in its genre or in the same subject?

Is the author’s style detailed? Light and breezy? Hard-hitting? Matter-of-fact? Understated? Ponderous? Action-packed? Is it a page turner?

What other books does this remind you of?

Who would enjoy this book? Who most likely would not?

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