Saturday, February 7, 2009

thanks for the memories by cecelia ahern

This is the third book I have read by CA and without a doubt it would be my favourite. It is primarily a modern day fairytale, which helps ground the story in fantasy where you find yourself wishing it to be true rather than thinking it contrived or a little too far-fetched. You can't help but laugh and cry and really feel your heartstrings pulled as CA brings her characters to life.
The plot centers around Joyce who because of an unfortunate accident requires a blood transfusion, and Justin the blood donor who happens to be a knowledgeable professor and looking for love. When Joyce wakes up in the hospital she realises that she is somehow different; she has memories that don't seem to belong to her, and an unusual knowledge of art and architecture. As the two characters become drawn to one another through either pure chance or something more cosmic, we begin to see their lives unfold and their need to be connected to another human being to feel complete and happy.
Even though the plot has a certain element of predictability to it, it was easy to overlook mostly due to the unpredictability of Joyce's father who plays a major role throughout the story. It is his character that will have you laughing the loudest. There is one scene in particular that happens in our post Sept 11 world that occurs in an airport that had tears streaming down my face, not in sadness but in laughter.
If you like a light read that is both romantic and funny you will probably enjoy this book. If you want something deep and meaningful then this is probably not the book. I adored it. Four stars.

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