Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'The Fetch' by Laura Whitcomb [3]

Calder, like every Fetch, had only one name,
but he had two ages: his Earth Years numbered nineteen and his Death Years numbered three hundred and thirty. Though it was no excuse for what he would do, for a Fetch, Calder was young.

The Order of the Fetch, on the other hand, was old - it began when the ruins of the first garden could still be found hiding in the desert beside a river, a blanket of green vines having grown over her like a shroud, and, in this moist cave that was once Eden, at the heart of her darkness, the Tree of Knowledge bowed to the earth.

For some reason I struggled with this book.

The story is set around the Russian Revolution and involves the royal family.
You'd think that would be a plus in it self.

Calder is the main character along with two children from the royal family, Ana and her brother Alexis. Calder becomes obsessed with the Queen and does something that no Fetch should do, causing all sorts of chaos in the aftermath, the story continues with him trying to fix what he caused.

It took me a week to get through this story and for the life of me, I can't put my finger on why it took so long.

The book has a beautiful cover and it's a hard back to boot,
but apart from that I was disappointed with it. I don't know if it was the way in which the story was written that it couldv'e been better or it just lacked something... I'm just not sure what?

It's interesting... but I think it would be quite sometime before I would pick it up again.

Be interested to hear what other people think of it!

I rate this book 3 stars.

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