Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Christmas Clock by Kat Martin [4 1/2]

Teddy Winters was eight years old that christmas, too young to understand all the undercurrents swirling around him in the tiny Michigan town of Dreyerville.
He wasn't able to value that christmas for the miracle it truly was.
Teddy only knew he wanted to buy the beautiful Victorian clock in the window of Tremont's Antiques as a gift for his grandmother, Lottie Sparks, a woman desperate to find him a home before her rapidly progressing Alzheimer's left him an orphan.

Teddy didn't know that in trying to buy the clock he would meet Sylvia Winters and Joe Dixon, a couple, once in love, desperate to overcome the past. He didn't know he would form a friendship with his neighbors, Floyd and Doris Culver, two people struggling to revive their long-dead marriage.

He didn't know that these people would fill his Christmas with magic and hope; that the love of his friends would change his world, and that he would forever change theirs.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and while here in Australia it is usual hot I love to read stories set in the northern hemisphere where there is plenty of snow...

This is a beautiful story about forgiveness, love, hope, joy and the miracles that can happen in this wonderful time of year.

Teddy is a young boy who lives with his grandmother and wants to do some special for Christmas for her. He finds a beautiful clock in one of the local shops and works hard all summer to save the money.

Lottie Sparks has looked after her grandson since his mother died, but it is getting harder each day as her Alzheimer's is getting worse...she is worried what will happen to Teddy when she isn't able to look after him anymore.

Then there is Joe Dixon and Sylvia Winters who once were engaged to be married but never happened... the spark between them is still there but can old wounds be healed.

This is a very quick read with only 145 pg, but a beautiful story that will leave you believing in the miracles of Christmas.

A wonderful gift to give this Christmas.

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Tarun said...

Christmas in many ways excites me...there are so many elements associated with this festival that the world looks like living afresh again.....The Christmas Clock is the one latest addition to my mini library from A1Books...It looks as if love, hope and affection have all returned back on this earth :) :) :)

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