Monday, December 21, 2009

"Fallen" by Lauren Kate [5]


Instant. Intense. Weirdly familiar...
The moment Luce looks at Daniel
she knows she has never felt like this before.
Except she can't shake the feeling that she
has... and with him - a boy she doesn't
remember ever setting eyes on.
Will her attempt to find out why enlighten her
- or destroy her?

Fallen is a thrilling story about forbidden love...

A wonderful, exciting and fascinating story of a love that just cannot be.

Luce has been sent to the Sword & Cross school... a school where you send troubled teens...
and Luce has certainly had her fair share. Since the age of eight Luce has been able to see these shadows... and they scare her...but nobody else can see them... therefore she must be crazy.
On her first day at school Luce is drawn to Daniel... a boy that is totally hot...but she has never met him before, but there is a connection.

Daniel is drawn to Luce but fights the feelings...he knows what will happen if he gets too close.
From the moment you pick up the book you are drawn into the world of Luce and Daniel and you want so much for the starcross lovers to find each other and share the love that binds them.

This book keeps you reading until as the author doesn't give much away until almost the end.
A book that the older teens will just love.

The only down side to this book is that I now have to wait until September 2010 for the second in the series...."Torment"
{well named}

A great stocking filler.


Chantele said...

Ooohh! I've been wanting to read this!!

Tarun said...

Sounds quite interesting and inviting. I think this will be a right book for new year eve ;)

Irish said...

Looking forward to reading this one ..... Looks way cool ....

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