Friday, March 26, 2010

"Have a Little Faith' by Mitch Albom [4 1/2]

In the beginning, there was a question.
'Will you do my eulogy?'
As is often the case with faith, I thought
I was being asked a favor.
Actually I was being given one...

Have a Little faith begins with an unusual request: an 82 year old rabbi from Mitch's old
hometown asks him to deliver his eulogy. Feeling unworthy, Mitch insists on understanding the man better, which throws him back into a world of faith he'd left years ago.
Meanwhile, closer to his current home, Mitch becomes involved with a Detroit pastor -
a reformed drug dealer and convict - who preaches to the poor and homeless in a
decaying church with a hole in it's roof.

When I read the back cover and the inside cover...well let's just say I put off reading this book until the last week before book club.

It has turned out to be a very touching and moving true story of one man's journey in life, his losing faith and finding it again, and the divine spark that is inside all of us.
I thought this book was going to be about religion, but it is so much more than that....
While there are many different faiths in this world it all comes down to the same thing,
we all want to be heard and we all want to be loved and appreciated and forgiven.
It's about believing in something that is bigger than yourself.
You will be deeply touched and uplifted by this extraordinary book.
A must read for everyone...

I rate this book 41/2 ****


Kristie said...

I'm giving it a 5. Loved it - it's a must read.

茂一 said...


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