Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Dead in the Family" by Charlaine Harris [4]

It's all about family ...
If you think your relationships are complicated, think again: you haven't seen anything like the ones in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Sookie Stackhouse is dealing with a whole host of family problems, ranging from her own kin [a non-human fairy and a telepathic second cousin] demanding a place in her life, to her lover Eric's vampire sire, an ancient being who arrives with Eric's 'brother' in tow at a most inopportune moment. And Sookie's tracking down a distant relation of her ailing neighbour [and ex], Vampire Bill Compton.
In addition to the multitude of family issues complicating her life, the werewolf pack of Shreveport has asked Sookie for a special favour, and since Sookie is an obliging young woman, she agrees. But this favour for the wolves has dire results for Sookie, who is still recovering from the trauma of her abduction during the Fairy War.
Who hasn't been waiting for the next installment of the 'True Blood' series ...
Sookie is recovering from being kidnapped in the Fairy War and being tortured, she is recovering from the death of her cousin Claudine and also Tray Dawson, she has nasty scars that are slowly healing but the jumpiness and nightmares will take more time.
The fairy world has finally been sealed and all seems to be quiet for a while ... but in Bon Temps nothing is what it seems and the quiet reprieve doesn't last long.
Sookie is once again drawn into murder, mystery and mayhem and this time it is a little closer to home. And Sookie wouldn't be Sookie if she wasn't worried about everyone else and trying to fix everything in her own way.
Another good installment to this series, but wait there will be more so you'll have to hang out for another. I enjoyed reading this one but it isn't my favourite in the series. Personally I think it really needs to finish soon as it's kind of dragging on a little ... Easy read, you'll get drawn into the story and swept away with all the intrigue. A little bad language in this one and some sex scenes, but for all those Sookie fans you shouldn't be too disappointed.
I rate this book 4 stars.

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