Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance [4]

23 wickedly witty, racily romantic,
and sublimely sensual short stories.
A Rake by any other name is still a rake,
no matter how handsome ... or sexy.
A Duke, on the other hand, an Earl, or a Marquis -
now there's a suitable man to capture a girl's affections. A man and a marriage, that's on the cards, but what to do about all those dashing scoundrels?
Caught between family, intolerable longing, and impossibly tight corsets, the young ladies of the Regency era navigate the fashionable waters of High Society in the name of love and desire. Keeping one eye on their reputations and the other on their fragile hearts, they cavort with devilish rogues who attempt to charm them out of their gowns and into impropriety - will any of them escape with their innocence intact?
For all those lovers of Regency Romance out there this is the book for you. 23 short stories with all the glitz and glamour of the Regency era. I've rated the book overall 4 stars but that doesn't mean that there were good and bad stories within. This is as usual a light read and what I would call a fluff read because it's not to be taken seriously. All the stories were easy to read and I must admit some I wish could of gone on longer so that you knew more about the characters e.t.c but that's not what short stories are about, they give you enough to just tease and tantalize you into wanting more. A fun book you won't put down until you've finished.

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