Thursday, September 9, 2010

"White Cat" by Holly Black [3 1/2]

Cursed by the memory of the fourteen year old girl he murdered.
Life at school is a constant trial. Life at home even worse. No-one
at home is ever going to forget that Cassel is a killer. No-one at
home is ever going to forget that he isn't a magic worker. And now
he is being haunted by a white cat ...
Cassel's family are magic workers. Ever since magic was
prohibited in 1929 magic workers have been driven underground
and into crime. And while people still need their touch, their luck,
their curses, their magical killings, their transformations, times
have been hard. His grand-dad is a black-fingered death-dealer,
his mother is in prison and his brothers detest him as the only one
of their family who can't do magic.
But there is a secret at the center of Cassel's family and he's about to inherit it. It's terrifying and that's the truth.
Finally finished this novel, it has taken me two weeks and I thought I was about to give up on it. Not a good Omen is it.
So the first chapter is totally enthralling and you think wow this book is going to be fantastic, you won't be able to put it down until your done .... sorry but it gets worse before it gets better. I know this is Holly Blacks new series and I get that you need to put in all the background information into the story, but gosh it was just so boring to read, it went on and on and I wanted to throw the book out. Finally close to a 100 pages left and that's where the story and action picked up and then I couldn't put it down.
So the character of Cassel is kind of annoying, to me he seemed like he's whinging all the time and at school he's a little bit of a loser. You do start to understand him a little better as you persist with the story and you actually come to like him. Lila the girl that he killed is an interesting character, she has something to prove and is a gusty girl. The brothers are ... well there is just something about them that just makes you not want to like them at all. The author has done a good job getting all her characters personalities right and this makes the story interesting especially when she rights the next ones.
It is well written, there is some bad language in it and some slight adult concepts so I wouldn't give it to young teenagers or under. Holly Black's style of writing does seem to be a little on the dark side so I wouldn't give this book to younger kids to read. A little slow to start with but it does get better. Look forward to seeing where the story goes.
I rate this book 3 1/2 stars.

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