Monday, January 18, 2010

'16 Lighthouse Road' by Debbie Macomber [5]

When Cecilia Randell and her husband
appear in Judge Olivia Lockhart's Cedar Cove family court,
seeking a divorce, the good judge senses the
couple still love one another and just need time to get
over their infant daughter's death.

Denying their petition, Olivia makes headlines in the Cedar
Cove Chronicle - earning her more than journalistic admiration
from the paper's editor, Jack Griffin!

Meanwhile, Olivia's daughter Justine must decide whether to
marry an older man her divorced mother insists is wrong for her;
while the judge's best friend Grace Sherman is frantic since the
disappearance of her husband Dan. Everyone in
Cedar Cove is talking!

This is the first story in the 'Cedar Cove' series which so far consist of nine books...
they have been sitting on my self for a year... I absolutely adore Debbie Macomber as a romance author, she write so beautifully. After reading quite a few fantasy style books I needed a change and thought it was about time I started on this series.

I have whizzed through this first book and wasn't disappointed at all.

As you get to know the characters of this series they become like your very own neighbors or your best friends. I love the way the story is set in a little town and apparently this was done deliberately by the author.

I won't give away any of the story as the introduction says enough...
if you want a light hearted easy read with a little romance, mystery and a little wisdom thrown in...then you'll truly love this series.

Sit back and acquaint yourself with the Cedar Cove residents and enjoy!

I rate this book 5 stars.

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Irish said...

You have been racing through this novels ..... May have to borrow them later on in the year :)

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