Tuesday, January 19, 2010

'204 Rosewood Lane' by Debbie Macomber [5]

Six months after her husband of 35 years disappeared,
Grace Sherman files for divorce -
against her daughter Kelly's wishes.

Meanwhile, Judge Olivia has love problems of her own:
Her ex-husband is giving her on-again, off-again' suitor
Jack Griffin some stiff competition!

But Jack has other problems - his son Eric,
whose girlfriend thinks she's pregnant, has come to bunk with Dad...
Then there's Olivia's daughter Justine who wises up and marries
her high school sweetheart, while Zach and Rosie Cox find their
marriage on the skids. And last but not least, Maryellen Sherman,
Grace's older daughter, becomes pregnant after a brief affair with
an artist...

Romance, babies, divorce and marriage keep Cedar Cove gossips buzzing!

Second novel in the series and it picks up right where the first one finished.

While the main characters are dealing with the problems in their lives, we also are introduced to
a few new people... Zach and Rosie Cox and the Beldons who own a bed and breakfast...

We find out what finally happened to Grace's husband Dan, and it isn't what Grace expected.

We get to know Grace's girls a little better, especially her older daughter Maryellen.

Olivia has problems of her own to deal with...two men in her life are striving for her attention,
but she refuses to see her ex-husband as anything but a friend in need. Jack on the other hand
can see that he has a rivial...he also has to deal with his son and their relationship.

We have a mystery to solve in the bed and breakfast with the Beldons and we cry with the Cox children as their parents go through a divorce.

Sit back and enjoy as the Cedar Cove residents fill you in on whats happening.

I rate this book 5 stars.

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