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The Passage by Justin Cronin (5)

First, the unthinkable: a security breach at a secret U.S. government facility unleashes the monstrous product of a chilling military experiment. Then, the unspeakable: a night of chaos and carnage gives way to sunrise on a nation, and ultimately a world, forever altered. All that remains for the stunned survivors is the long fight ahead and a future ruled by fear—of darkness, of death, of a fate far worse.

As civilization swiftly crumbles into a primal landscape of predators and prey, two people flee in search of sanctuary. FBI agent Brad Wolgast is a good man haunted by what he’s done in the line of duty. Six-year-old orphan Amy Harper Bellafonte is a refugee from the doomed scientific project that has triggered apocalypse. He is determined to protect her from the horror set loose by her captors. But for Amy, escaping the bloody fallout is only the beginning of a much longer odyssey—spanning miles and decades—towards the time and place where she must finish what should never have begun.

I purchased this book because: I had heard alot about it so wanted to see if was any good

The opening Lines: Before she became the Girl from Nowhere - the One Who Walked In, the First and Last and Only, who lived a thousand years - she was just a little girl in Iowa, named Amy, Amy Harper Bellafonte.

Pages in Novel: A Massive 766

I am lovin the cover to this book ... And am so pleased that Ridley Scott has already picked this novel up to do a movie version because it will be awesome. The only frustrating thing I can say about this book is that the way that it ends. After reading over 700 pages for it to suddenly end the way it does to discovering that we have to wait until 1212 for the next installment is just mean ...

Someone described this book as Dracula meets The Road and I would have to agree ... Although these Vampires are not the nice good looking smart Vampires that we are used to but the ugly fast rip out your throat in 1 second kind .... Which I loved ...

This is a monster of a book with over 750 pages and it is small writing as well ... It is divided into three different sections and periods of time and is very cleverly done ... You get a real sense of the characters and you cannot help but go on the journey with them ... This is definitely an adult book as there are graphic scenes of violence and adult content ... But I loved it ....

The beginning of the novel is set around our time period and introduces the main characters of Amy, Lacey, Carter and Wolgast. And how each comes from different worlds but how there lives will be intertwined together for years to come. When a secret government experiment goes wrong and 12 dangerous, changed killers are released into the world the effect on the world will never be the same ...

The second part of the novel jumps forward 100 years in the future ... Where we see just how the world has changed ... And we are introduced to a group of survivors and their world ... There is not really alot to look forward to just keeping alive and surviving ... The power is running out and the Virals are coming ...

Can a 6 year old girl manage to save the world ..... You are just going to have to read the book and find out ...

Some of my favourite quotes are:

He said he had a plan, but the only plan that she could see seemed to be him sitting in the house doing nothing for Amy or even cleaning up the breakfast dishes, while she worked all day. Pg 6

I feel as if I've entered a new era of my life. What strange place our lives can carry us to. Pg 24

She believed that this was how the world felt to most people, even those closest to her, her parents and sisters and friends at school; they lived their whole lives in a prison of drab silence, a world without a voice. Pg 55

OBE. Overcome by events. That was what was happening now. The world-the human race-had been overcome by events. Pg 233

It's morning; you're alive. pg 310

"Those batteries are like a woman, Michael," he liked to say. "You've got to learn to listen." Pg 314

"I don't believe that," Arlo said. "And I can't believe you do either. If that's all there is, what's the point of anything." Pg 335

"We've all got our jobs to do, right?," She took his hand again and squeezed it, as if to seal a bargain between them. "Mine apparently is to do as I'm told and not be difficult. So for now, that's what I'm going to do." Pg 375

The harder he tried to be a husband, the less she felt like a wife to him, until - and this was the bad part, the part that didn't seem fair to her - she'd found herself actually disliking him. pg 437

Someone once told me that part of you lives on so long as somebody remembers you. Pg 670

I am sooooo excited for the next part to this but frustrated that I will have to wait at least another year for it ....... grrrrrrrrrrrrr ........

So if you like your vamps, end of the world, fast paced action novel this one is for you :)

I rate this book 5*****

An interview with the author where he answers some questions about the book .....

Books in the Series
1) The Passage
2) The Twelve ( coming out some point 1212 )

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