Friday, January 7, 2011

Discussion Questions for Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

1. How did you like the book? Is it in keeping with your feelings with the MI series?

2. Who are your favorite or least favorite new characters?

3. What were some surprises for you in this book?

4. What questions do you still have and where do you think this series is going?

5. What do you think Will is going to ask Magnus in the Epilogue?

6. What is the Pandemonium Club? The Shadowhunters think the Club has more power than it actually does. Why do they have that impression? What has been done to manipulate the Club's image?

7. Tessa gradually uncovers information about herself and her powers, but she still knows very little about why she was "created." Why is it important to her and to the Shadowhunters to find out? How does Tessa's view of herself change over the course of the story?

8. Chapter 3 begins with a Robert Browning quote, "Love, hope, fear, faith—these make humanity; These are its sign and note and character." Do you agree? What other characteristics do you think are the hallmarks of humanity?

9. Tessa, Jessamine, and Charlotte all have very different ideas about the appropriate roles for women. How much of each woman's attitude do you think comes from the beliefs of the day, and how much from her own experiences?

10. Why are books so important to Tessa? What do they add to her life? Do the Shadowhunters have things in their life that serve this same purpose?

11. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is mentioned several times throughout the story, most noticeably when Will and Tessa are about to enter de Quincey's party. Why do you think the author chose this particular book? What themes are common to both?

12. How does Jem deal with his addiction and its effect on his health and his life? Has it changed his personality? Why does he ask the others to stop searching for a cure; why do they agree? Is his reaction to addiction normal?

13. Will's philosophy can be summed up by a quote by Horace, "Pulvis et umbra sumus," which means "We are dust and shadows." Why do you think this resonates with him so deeply? Do his actions bear witness to this belief?

14. What caused de Quincey to betray the Nephilim? Were the Nephilim surprised by this betrayal? Should they have been?

15. Clockwork Angel is set in the middle of the Industrial Revolution. Why are the clockwork people so frightening to Tessa and the Shadowhunters? How does the Magister's clockwork army affect the power balance in his fight against the Shadowhunters?

16. What does Tessa want from her relationship with Will? Why does Will force distance between them?

Thanks to Simon and Schuster for some of the discussion Questions


legs said...

I was so looking forward to this new series but sorry to say just a little disappointed with it. I can't put my finger on what it actually was but it just didn't keep my interest. Hope the next one is a little better. I would still give it about 4 stars.

Kristie said...

I'm such a wimp that I have to read the book during the day.

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