Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mistress by Leda Swann (4)

She knew she was playing with fire . . . and was eager to burn.

The very thought of an innocent young woman--a teacher at a fusty finishing school--modeling for a series of titillating photographs to be sold at London's bookstalls is scandalous. But orphaned Emily Clemens's destitute circumstances have left her little choice. It is all part of her plan to capture the attention of some well-heeled roue who will then make her his pampered mistress. So the untouched beauty sheds her outer garments--and her inhibitions--to strike provocative poses before the lens of handsome photographer Eric Twyford.

But each seductive attitude she assumes is stoking a fire within that Emily never knew existed--and the heat is spurring her on to ever-greater heights of sensuous abandon. Still, the devilishly desirable Eric, a consummate professional, remains unmoved by her erotic display. If Emily cannot arouse a man in the flesh, what hope does she have as a black-and-white postcard?

She has already gone far beyond the boundaries of propriety. Now Emily's brazenly determined to go even farther--to seduce Eric, letting him take her to intoxicating places she has never been. But once she has reached ecstasy, will she ever be able to leave?

I purchased this book because Just look at the cover :)

The opening line: Life usually changes slowly, almost imperceptibly, as one day slides seamlessly into the next.

Pages in Book: 266 pages

Well sometimes you just want to read abit of fluff ....  And I have been eyeing this book for a while now mainly because of the cover ... I find I am like a magpie attracted to pretty covers and then I am hooked that I have to purchase it ... 

Another of my weaknesses is Period Romances ... There is something about that settin that men where men and woman had a certain air about them ... Emily is a likeable character a young girl with ambition who would like to make her way in a world still dominated by men ... She is strong of character and a good business sense but finds she is well out of her depth when the business plan takes off.  

The male lead is Eric Twyford and he is also a likeable character ... An American livin in London to make his fortune but doesn't realise when he comes into contact with Emily that what would start as a business arrangement would grow deeper ...

As with all Erotic Novels there is a great deal of sexual content but nothin truely scandalous ... It is a quick easy read and one that would be enjoyed with an early nite in bed or curled up with a hot chocolate in front of the fire.

I rate this book: 4 stars

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