Saturday, September 8, 2012

Please don't hurt my BABIES

Is this Just me or does anyone else feel this way? ... I am very precious when it comes to my books .... Handle with care and I expect to get it back in the same way I lent it out ... I am one of those fussy people that don't bend the spine of my book unless it is a second-hand copy of a loved book which shows by the worn pages how many times I have read it .... Example: Captain Corelli's Mandolin which is one of my favourite books and I have a second copy that is well read and shows :)

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Lucy Branch said...

Your post just made me realise what double standards I have. I caress my books when I read, bend pages when I'm concerned for the characters and even even let them get damp when I read in the bath, but if anyone else so much as dares to breath on a page - I'm in a mood with them for days...

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