Monday, May 25, 2009

Jane Eyre by Charotte Bronte

This is a quick review for the Books to Movie Challenge for Jane Eyre and there seems to be a recurring theme ... I like the movies but the books are just plain better :)

For so many years my favourite movie of Jane Eyre is with Timothy Dalton as Mr Rochester but the more recent version done in 2006 I think wins in the end .... It is very much like the book and is over 3 hours long .... So make sure you are comfy because if you are any thing like me you will not be able to watch it in parts you have to watch it all at once .... Which is what we as a book club done last Friday and loved it ....

Obviously in the series version you do see the beautiful house Fairfield and the gorgeous gardens etc .... You see the sparks that fly between Jane and Edward and the facial expressions etc ... But it really cannot compare to the book ... I think because when you read a book you have in your head your own version of the characters and places and when it appears on the big screen it doesn't always match up with what is your head ...

But all in all this 2006 version of Jane Eyre is beautifully done so settle down with a box of chocolates and be swept away with the feisty Jane and broody Edward .... A couple that was just meant to be from the start !!!!!

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