Thursday, September 17, 2009

"The Little Giant of Aberdeen County" by Tiffany Baker [3 1/2 ]

Truly Plaice - part behemoth, part witch, part cinderella - is born larger than life into a small minded town. Her birth rocks the pillars of tiny Aberdeen, New York, and breaks her family into smithereens.

She spends a painful childhood in the shadow of her older sister Serena's beauty, and is teased mercilessly for her enormous physique. But when Serena unexpectedly vanishes and leaves her son in Truly's care, Truly must become mistress of a house she did not choose and the unwilling victim of her brother-in-law, Doctor Robert Morgan. Once her childhood tormentor, he now subjects her to brutal criticism and cruel medical experiments that test her endurance past breaking point - but Truly may have more power than he realizes...

First book in the read your name challenge.

The front cover of this book drew my to it and the write up that it was a 'Gothic tale of murder, revenge and redemption'....

Well it has murder and redemption...but it certainly isn't Gothic!

A debut novel for the author and well I struggled a little with it.

For me it took quite a while to get into the story of Truly taking care of her nephew in her brother-in-laws house, and that is where the story gets interesting. It has a few twists and turns and once you get into it, it's interesting to read.

I don't know why they said it was a Gothic tale because to me that implies it's set in a period time like the 1800's or such...this is set in the 1960's.

Interesting read but wouldn't pick it up again soon too read.

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