Friday, November 13, 2009

"Before the Season Ends" by Linore Rose Burkard [4]

Romantic woes at home send Ariana Forsythe to her wealthy Aunt Bentley's townhouse in fashionable Mayfair, London. Under her aunt's calculating eye, Ariana is thrust into high society and worse intrigue than that which prompted her flight from home. A scandalous rumour involving her with London's current darling rogue, the taciturn, though handsome. Mr Phillip Mornay, is launched on society in a malicious act of meanness that changes Ariana's life forever. Her faith, her future, and her heart are all at stake as she strives to clear her name and resist the man who does not share her faith.

What a surprising novel.

Regency romance are my all time favourite to read, but I haven't come across one with a spiritual background. Very well written and for those that like this period but find most authors have a little erotic romance in them...this had none. Great book too give your daughters if you like this style.

The basic story of this novel is about too people who meet and fall in love but come from different spiritual backgrounds and how they can keep their convictions while still loving each other.

This book will touch your heart and stay in your thoughts long after you've read it.
The sequel to this novel is...

"The House in Grosvenor Square"

A truly beautiful read.

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