Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Twenty's Girl by Sophie Kinsella - Discussion Questions

1. How do Sadie and Lara differ? What does Sadie want Lara to do with her life?

2. What do the two eventually come to have in common?

3. Both Sadie and Lara want to find the missing necklace, but both have different motives for wanting to find it. What are they?

4. Twenties Girl has been described as a coming-of-age story in which a young protagonist learns something that enables her to cross over into the adult world, more mature and wise than before. What does Lara learn by the end of the novel?

5. How would you describe the style: lyrical, pompous, complex and wordy, easy and straightforward, humorous, or offensive?

6. Are the characters convincing? Do they come alive for you? How would you describe them — as sympathetic, likeable, thoughtful, intelligent, innocent, naive, strong or weak? Something else?

7. Do you identify with any characters? Are you able to look at events in the book through their eyes — even if you don’t like or approve of them?

8. Do any characters change or grow by the end of the story? Do they come to view the world and their relationship to it differently?

9. Does the plot hold your interest? Does it keep you turning pages? Does it move briskly or unfold slowly?

10. Were you surprised by the ending? Was information withheld till the end? Were there cliff-hangers at the end of chapters? Did that irritate you or make you want to read on?

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