Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"A Kiss in Time" by Alex Flinn [4]

"What is that?" She points to the numbers on the shirt.

"The year. Old Navy puts the year on all their flag T-shirts. It's sort of a racket, I guess -
you have to buy a new one every year."


She looks sort of sick. Her face is suddenly almost the same color green as her eyes. She begins to shake. "Oh, my...oh, no." She crumbles back onto the floor, as she was when I first saw her.
"It cannot be true. It cannot."

I kneel beside her. "What's the matter now? I thought you were fine."
She looks at me, then starts screaming. "Fine? Fine? I have been asleep nearly three hundred years!"

Another wonderfully told fairy tale set in the modern world. This time it is my favourite fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Princess Talia has been told all her life she is not to touch a spindle. She has been pampered and spoilt all her life. On her 16th birthday she defies her parents and does the unthinkable and pricks her finger on a spindle. Talia falls under the spell and sleeps along with her whole kingdom.

Jack is a teenager who feels that life is just passing him by...he has an annoying little sister and parents who just don't listen. Looking for a little adventure he escapes his tour group in Europe and stumbles upon a sleeping town and a beautiful girl who is asleep. What is a boy too do...I just had to kiss her.

Talia fell under the spell.
Jack broke the curse.
Now the fun begins...

A really great teen read, lots of funny incidents that kids will relate too.Age group recommended would be 13-15 years. A really great twist on the classic fairy tale.

I rate this book 4 stars.

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Tarun said...

there you go....a kiss in time is real fantasy for me....i really adore this piece and waiting to buy more of like these online frm A1Books for my convenience :)

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