Friday, November 13, 2009

"Fire" by Kristian Cashore [5]

Fire's exceptional beauty gives her influence and power. People who are susceptible to it will do anything for her attention, and for her affection. If she wished, they would abuse their power, crush nations and even destroy their own kingdoms to please her.

But beauty is only skin deep, and beneath it Fire has a human appreciation of right and wrong. Aware of her ability to influence others, and afraid of it, she lives in a corner of the world away from people - not only to protect them but also to protect herself from their attention, their distrust, and even their hatred.
Yet Fire is not the only danger to the Dells. If she wants to protect her home, if she wants a chance to undo the wrongs of the past, she must face her fears, her abilities, and a royal court full of powerful people with reason to distrust her.

Beauty is a weapon - and Fire is going to use it.

WOW....this second novel to the "Gracelling" series is brilliant.

I have so been waiting for this next installment and I was not disappointed.

It starts off in the same kingdom as the first novel, but then moves through the mountains and into the kingdom called the Dells. I am assuming it is set around the same time, but it doesn't really matter.

In the kingdom of the Dells they don't have people who are gifted with graces....
instead they have monsters... larger creatures of animals, birds, insects, fish etc.
Also people... Fire's father was a monster, which makes Fire half human, half monster.
This is where she gets her special abilities.

I don't want to give away any of the story, but I will say she is a sensitive girl who struggles with her abilities, she struggles with her relationship with her father and the people who have come to look upon her as family.This is a story of how she overcomes her fears and embraces her gifts.

Brilliantly written, I couldn't put it down until I knew how it finished.

This second novel is just as good as the first....loved it.

Enjoyed all the characters and reading of a new dangerous world.

I rate this book 5 stars.

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