Thursday, December 30, 2010

me, the missing and the dead by Jenny Valentine (41/2)

Fifteen-year-old Lucas Swain hasn’t seen his father for five years. One day, his dad just vanished. And the strange thing is, except for Lucas, nobody seems to care.

Then things really take a turn for the bizaree when Lucas discovers someone who might be able to help find his father. Her name is Violet, and she's reaching out to Lucas. But it would all be so much easier if Violet wasn't a pile of ashes in an urn.

I purchased this book because: Saw it on another blog site and was curious

Opening lines: The minicab office was up a cobbled alley with little flat houses on either side. That's where I first met Violet Park, what was left of her.

Pages in Novel: 201

This is a short wee book but one that I really loved .... I can see how it was shortlisted to be a finalist in the William C Morris Debut award ... I felt it was abit jumpy at the start of the novel but then the storyline picked up and it flowed lovely after that ....

The story is about a young boy Lucas who finds an urn of a woman and is strangely draw en towards finding out about her. This curiosity leads Lucas on a journey to discover not only who Violet is but also alot about himself.

There are some really funny parts in this book but still manages to keep the serious side to some of the issues that are touched upon ... It is quite an honest book in its story-telling which I found really refreshing ...

I loved the banter between Lucas and his grandparents especially with his grandmother .... Very funny and touching at the same time .... And for a wee novel of just 201 pages there is alot hidden between its pages ...

Some of my favourite quotes are:

But doesn't getting up that early just mean there are more hours to fill with being old? Pg 12

If you think about it, a person being dead isn't any barrier to finding out what they are like. Half the people we learn about in school have been dead for ages. Pg 28

I've said it before - it's the not knowing that drives you mad. It's the imagining things that you wish you couldn't think up all by yourself. pg 64

Thug - I said he should tell her that we learned about thugs in history, and they were actually this amazing caste of assassins in India a hundred or so years ago. They strangled people with a long scarf with a rupee sewn into each end. It was their destiny to be a thug. They had no choice and they accepted it as their role in the order of things. Pg 70

For every decision I make there's the other thing, the alternative route, and I find myself hankering after it as soon as it's gone. Pg 79

It occurs to me that all most people do when they grow up is fix on something impossible and then hunger after it. Pg 115

This is a great wee book and I really liked it ... It is written beautifully and you cannot help but love the main character of Lucas and get invested into his world .... I would definitely go out and purchase another book by this author ...

I rate this book 4 1/2 ****

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