Friday, June 12, 2009

Confessions of a Little Black Gown by Elizabeth Boyle 4****

And in an instant, Thalia Langley knew the man before her was no saint. He might claim to be the Duke of Hollindrake's unassuming country cousin, but no man that handsome, that arresting, could be anything but... well, he simply must be an unrepentant rogue. His cat-like grace and power leave Tally shivering in her slippers at the notion of all the wicked, forbidden things he might be capable of doing... to her.

Second novel in the reading challenge down and ohhh..... was really good.

I've not read Elizabeth Boyle before but I now know why she is an acclaimed writer.

Wit, passion and adventure all rolled into this great story, that keeps you wanting more.

Girls we all need a little black dress if it gets us a rogue like Lord Larken, he can like my fire any day.

Typical romance novel, a bit naughty for those that aren't looking for anything in this area.

Great to sit in front of a warm fire and let your amagination run away.

Will read more from this novelist.
thumbs up...

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Irish said...

Wouldn't mind borrowing this off you at some point :) ........ I love the cover :)

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