Thursday, June 11, 2009

Triskellion by Will Peterson 3***

Rachel and Adam are sent from their New York home to stay with their grandmother, following their parents' bitter divorce. But the quiet English village where their mother was born is a sinister and unsettling place. Is there a genuinely dark heart beating beneath the thatched roofs of the picturesque village of Triskellion?

Against a brooding background of very real danger, the two young outsiders follow an incredible trail on an archaeological adventure with a startling paranormal twist. In a community that has existed in the same place for centuries, many terrible secrets lie hidden, and the villagers of Triskellion have a great deal to protect...

The front cover of this young teenagers book is what drew me too it, beautifully done with bees over it. {11,12,13 yr olds}

While I enjoyed reading the story I found it was probably a little young for my taste. Well written and easy to follow the young teenagers will quite enjoy reading it. Apparently there will be two more that will follow on from this novel.

One for the kids...

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Irish said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH ....... I am loving the cover :)

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