Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Rumours" by Anna Godbersen 4****

'Manhattan has bid farewell to it's brightest star, the dazzling Miss Elizabeth Holland.
Yet the rumours about her untimely demise continue.
Meanwhile her sister, the irrepressible Diana,
has been seen in the company of not one, but three eligible bachelors.
Might there be a fourth?'

Second book in the Luxe series and the first in my Romance reading challenge.

I enjoyed reading the second novel but found it wasn't quite as good as the first. A bit like reading the twilight series in the sense you couldn't put the first one down until you finish, but the second just seemed to drag a bit. I look forward to finishing the series off to see how the author is going to deal with all the problems each of the characters are facing. I love the character of Diana, she has such a free spirit about her and for someone so young she is put into some difficult positions. I'm a big fan of historical romance novels as I love to imagine what the period would of been like... clothes, houses, food, manners etc...

I love the idea of men being genltemen and treating ladies with respect, though it also can be very restrive in how they speak and interreact with each other.

Love the book... well done Anna.

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