Wednesday, June 24, 2009

'My Hero' by Debbie Macomber 4****

Bailey York needs a man.

But only on paper. She's writing a romance novel and she's having difficulty creating a hero. So, she needs a real-life model for her story. Parker Davidson is perfect, everything a hero should be. But he wants to become the hero in her life, not just her book. And not just on Valentine's Day, either!

The third novel in the reading romance challenge and one of my favourite modern romance writers.

Every women dreams of her hero or knight in shining armour and the character of Parker is just that...

Debbie Macomber writes beautifully easy to read stories that involve you right from the first page until the very last and then leave you wanting more.

Parker and Bailey's story is one of hope... that dreams do come true, if you would only take that chance to believe that they can. We all want that hero in our lives and they do exist... I know because I have found mine.

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Do you love to read? said...

This book sounds wonderful! I also enjoy Debbie Macombers books~~

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