Saturday, August 22, 2009

'A Curse Dark as Gold' by Elizabeth C. Bunce [4]

The gold thread shimmers in the fading light.

It promises Charlotte Miller a way out of debt, a chance to save her family's beloved woolen mill. It promises a future for her sister, livelihood for her townsfolk, security against her sinuous and grasping uncle. It might even promise what she didn't know she needed: lasting hope and true love.

But at what cost?

To get the thread, Charlotte must strike a bargain with it's maker, the mysterious Jack Spinner. But the gleam of gold conjures a shadowy past - secrets and bonds ensnaring generations of Millers. And Charlotte's mill, her family, her friends, her love... What do those matter to a powerful stranger who can spin straw into gold?

This is a wonderful debut novel that weaves a spellbinding fairy tale, spun with mystery and shot through with romance. It is a charming retelling of the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin. With the authors wonderful poetic style of writing and the thickly detailed life at the mill it provides a perfect backdrop for this tale of dark magic. Set in the late period of the Industrial Revolution it is completely believable.

Charlotte is a good strong heroine, fighting to save her livelihood and everyone dear to her. A beautiful read from start to finish and she even has an ending that will satisfy all.

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