Friday, August 28, 2009

'The White Queen' by Philippa Gregory [5]

Elizabeth Woodville, of the House of Lancaster, is widowed when her husband is killed in battle. Aided and abetted by the raw ambition and witchcraft skills of her mother Jacquetta, Elizabeth seduces and marries, in secret, reigning King Edward IV of the family of the white rose, the House of York. As long as there are other claimants to Edward's throne, the profound rivalries between the two families will never be laid to rest. Violent conflict, shocking betrayal and murder dominate Elizabeth's life as Queen of England, passionate wife of Edward and devoted mother of their children.
Wow Wow Wow.... what more can you say!

Philippa Gregory is just an amazing writer and this is certainly another of her brilliant best. After reading "The Secret Alchemy" for our book club in July and was a little disappointed with it, I was looking forward to Philippa's version.

Brilliantly capturing the life of a common woman who rises to royalty by her beauty, a woman who fights for her family and rises to the demands of her position, a woman whose two sons become the central figures in a mystery that still confounds historians to this day. I absolutely ache with agony for poor Elizabeth in not knowing what happened to her boys.

I love the way she is able to weave her historical knowledge of the period and still create a story that just captivates you. I love her version of the ending as well, it kind of makes sense from a mother's point of view.

Absolutely Brilliant Read....well worth the time...

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