Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Fragile Eternity" by Melissa Marr [3 1/2]

Seth never expected he would want to settle down with anyone - but that was before Aislinn. She is everything he'd ever dreamed of, and he wants to be with her forever. Forever takes on new meaning, though, when your girlfriend is an immortal faery queen.

Aislinn never expected to rule the very creatures who'd always terrified her - but that was before Keenan. He stole her mortality to make her a monarch, and now she faces challenges and enticements beyond any she'd ever imagined.

In this third spellbinding tale of Faerie, Seth and Aislinn struggle to stay true to themselves and each other in a background of shadowy rules and shifting allegiances,
where old friends become new enemies and
one wrong move could spell total destruction, and plunge the Earth into chaos.

I know I must be getting old when I start to find that reading some of these teen books becomes frustrating when all you seem to be reading about is all the emotions of young love and the indecision's that come with it. I felt like shaking the characters sometimes and telling them to grow up, but then that's what happens when your 17 years old.

The author has left it for another novel to be written which hopefully will finish of the series.
Look did enjoy it, and the teens will love it, but I guess as an adult now I have a hard time relating to the indecision's of teens.

Not quite a good as the first but still enjoyable, covers are beautiful.

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