Sunday, July 11, 2010

'Alphabet Weekends' by Elizabeth Noble [3 1/2]

Natalie and her sisters have known Tom and his family forever. They climbed trees together, scraped knees on the same pavements and shaped bonds that would last a lifetime.

So when Natalie's long-term love walks out on her, Tom is the much needed shoulder she cries on. And he dreams up an ingenious way to dry her tears; a series of Alphabet Weekends - activities which, if not fun, will nonetheless distract her - and what bigger distraction to get them started than A for Abseiling? And even as she plunges down cliffs, Tom hopes Natalie might see what's been staring her in the face all these years.
His undying love for her.

But as they tumble from A to Z, their families and friends face broken hearts and tragedies of their own. Can the Alphabet Weekends unlock love in all its many and wonderful guises? And not only for Natalie and Tom, but for everyone they care about?

OK, so this is the first novel in the four month reading challenge that I've read and it's a chick lit read ....

This turned out to be an interesting book for many reasons. First I loved the concept of the story ... basically you've got a guy who loves this girl and he is trying to find a way for her to realize that she loves him too, and what better way than to come up with weekend activities that start with the letters of the alphabet.

The author has devised a great way of keeping all the characters in context so that it doesn't get confusing ... each has their own name about the paragraph before it starts. While Tom and Natalie are the main characters there are a lot of others as well and because it's well written you do become interested in all the people in the story.

But .... there is just something that seemed to be missing and I just don't know what it is. While I was reading I became engrossed and enjoyed, but as soon as I put down the book I completely forgot all about the novel and so it took me a few days to get through it ...
There is bad language in this book and adult concepts as well, so it's not one for the kids or even teens.

I rate this book 3 1/2 stars.

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