Saturday, July 17, 2010

"The Counterfeit Guest" by Rose Melikan [3 1/2]

Spring 1797. The War
with France deepens, the
Channel Fleet has mutinied
... and a ruthless traitor lurks
within fashionable London society.
Such matters should not concern young Mary Finch, who has recently inherited an unexpected fortune. But her new status brings her little pleasure, and she longs for freedom and adventure.
Mary's restless spirit leads her to a meeting with an elusive spymaster, who offers her an intriguing proposal. With England's security and a friend's safety at risk, Mary arrives at the exotic Champian Hall, determined to uncover its dark secrets. But the knowledge that she seeks is deadly, especially when the hunter becomes the hunted.
So this is the third book from the four month challenge and it came under the title of historical fiction. This is actually quite an interesting series as usually I like historical romances but this series is more of a mystery ... it does have a little romance thrown in!
OK so why have I only given it a 3 1/2, well I think it get too bogged down in all the descriptive details. The story is terrific, the characters are brilliant, the attention to detail about this time period is spot on, it just takes you forever to read about what is going on. Every thought and feeling is written down and for me it is just a little too much. With just over 400 pages and a slightly bigger than normal paperback ... well it took me a few days to get through it and by the end your kind of glad it's finished.
The drama and suspense are terrific and the mystery that's woven through it all is irresistible. Mary Finch is one of those characters that you wish you could know in real life, she is a wonderfully kind hearted person, but has the heart of a lion and longs for adventure in her life. Captain Holland is the handsome and brooding hero of the story and the love interest for Mary. While these two characters are probably perfect for each other I could sometimes just smack Captain Holland ... for me he just lacks something ... maybe it's because he always seems like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders and he seems a little high and mighty with Mary occasionally.
Apart from some personal dislikes it really is a good historical mystery and worth reading the series. The next installment is entitled " The Mistaken Wife."
I rate this book 3 1/2 stars.

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The covers of this series are just lovely .....

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