Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yes it's that time of year down here in Australia, when all you want to do is sit in front of a warm fire with a really good book and a nice hot chocolate. Even my cat has parked herself next to the fire and I have to fight her for the warmth.

So while it is bucketing with rain, hail or even snow outside, and your housework 'hopefully' if your lucky has been done, and kids are either at school or amusing themselves while on holidays, pull out that book you have been longing to read and plonk yourself in front of that fire.
Immerse yourself in the story, get to know the characters and feel their passion, pain, joy or sorrow ... walk in their shoes for a while and live their lives. Absorb the scenery around you and feel like you are really there to touch, taste and smell the story that is unravelling around you at this minute.

Totally enjoy your little bit of heaven while the weather plays along. You don't always get the perfect day to just relax and unwind and treat yourself. So make the most of it ... you deserve it!

Happy reading everyone, make the most of it.

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