Monday, October 19, 2009

"Blackthorn" by Elizabeth Pulford [4]

Following the death of her father,
a great Trahern warrior, Alyana is determined
to stay true to her heart and follow in his footsteps.
She flees the confines of her Uncle's
family to make a life for herself in
her beloved forest.

There, she becomes Blackthorn,
the warrior.

But life in the forest is tough
- it's a struggle just to survive.

What a great adventure novel for the young teens. This is a series of novels by this author.
With just over 200 pages I got through this book in a couple of hours, so it isn't too taxing for the kids to read.

As a young girl Alyana has always dreamed of being a warrior just like her father.
With his death she makes the decision to finally achieve this dream.
What she doesn't seem to count on is all the pitfall's that this brings.
For every young boy or girl who has dreamed of being a warrior this series is for them.

It is full of adventure ...
You have to believe in yourself...
and dare to dream...

I rate this book 4 stars.

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