Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Red necklace" by Sally Gardner [5]

Paris 1789

While the aristocracy dine, dance, gossip, and
gamble their way to disaster, the poor and starving
dream of revolution.

Enter the boy Yann Margoza, destined to be a hero;
Tetu the dwarf, his friend and mentor;
Sido, unloved daughter of the foolish Marquis de Villeduval;
and the sinister Count Kalliovski, who holds
half the aristocracy in thrall to him.

The drama moves from Paris to London and back,
as the Revolution gathers momentum, and the hope of liberty
and the dream of equality are crushed
beneath the wheel of terror.

This is a story that has everything, murder, mystery, passion and even a little magic.

Beautifully written... you will breeze through this novel before you even realize that you have finished.

From the very start to the finish you are transported into the terrifying world of the French Revolution...
Her characters are people that you identify with straight away...
You eagerly encourage Yann to fulfill his destiny...
Your heart breaks for Sido, all she wants is to be loved by her cruel father...
You cringe when the evil Count Kalliovski comes calling at Sido's home to make her father an offer...
Laugh at the antics of Tetu and his friends...

This book leaves you wanting more...literally...

Her story continues with "The Sliver Blade"

For me it is a must read, totally captivating.

I rate this book 5 stars.

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