Monday, October 12, 2009

The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries) by L J Smith (4)

In book two of the first Vampire Diaries omnibus, The Struggle, Elena quickly realizes that the only thing more dangerous that being in love with a vampire is being desired by two. As Stefan struggles to suppress his instinctive thirst, Damon persists in his quest for Elena's heart. A dark turn of events forces Elena to risk her mortality to save one of her immortal suitors.

The second book in the series .... 'The Vampire Diaries' .... namely 'The Struggle' and as the title suggests it is a struggle for Elena to choose the right brother !!!

Really fast paced and I read it in a couple of hours ...... Loved it ...... And now have to go out and scout around for the next few books .........

Damon just doesn't seem to want to leave ....... He has his eyes set on Elena and no one else will do ........ Can Stefan protect her? ......... And will the towns people start to get suspicious?

Again really well written that you really don't want to put it down ....... I love the characters and you cannot help but love the bad boy Damon !!!

Another great fantasy read !!!

I rate this book 4****

Warning: There is some blood-drinking in this book !!

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Chantele said...

I really liked these as well!:)

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