Thursday, August 26, 2010

"I was Jane Austen's Best Friend" by Cora Harrison [3 1/2]

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single
girl in possession of a journal must write
all her secrets in it.
Meet Jenny Cooper: shy, pretty cousin of clever,
sparky Jane Austen
[who has lots of handsome brothers and a vivid imagination.]
These are Jenny's secrets:
* She has never gone to a ball.
* She hates her school.
* She longs to wear a new gown and flirt with a handsome
naval officer.
* She wishes real life could be more like a novel.
This is a really cute little novel that is written in the style of a diary, and all 13 -14 year old girls will just love this book. Inside you'll find all sorts of drawings and little notes. The hardback cover is just pretty and this is the UK version but I have also seen the US version that will come out eventually and I must admit that one is just beautiful.
So the basic story is that Jenny and Jane are at boarding school and get extremely sick and are brought home ... from then on it's about life under the Austen household and Jenny's desire to be married like all girls at her tender age of 16.
While it is such a sweet book and the characters are all likable and the humour is ... well funny, I did find the book for me a little boring and I kept losing interest in reading it. It is well written and light hearted and I loved the way truth and fiction were woven into making this story, but I definitely think it is one for the younger teens. Actually if you have any girls in the family think about this book as a stocking filler for Christmas because they will get a thrill out of reading it.
I rate this book 3 1/2 stars.

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