Monday, August 2, 2010

"The Lacemakers of Glenmara" by Heather Barbieri

Book club read for August ...

When Kate Robinson leaves her Seattle home to travel across Ireland,
she is looking to escape. She is fleeing a broken relationship, a failing
career in fashion and the crushing grief over her mother's death. Her
strict itinerary keeps her busy, moving from place to place with little
time to dwell on the past, until a chance
meeting with a traveller leads her to
Glenmara, a beautiful coastal village in
the far west of the country.
Bernie Cullen and her friends have
lived in Glenmara all their lives, their
blood and that of their ancestors tied
to the landscape, to the raging sea. Their village has
survived the toils and tragedies of countless years,
but Glenmara is now facing a new threat, one that may extinguish
it forever. The work is becoming increasingly scarce, the children
are moving away. And the women themselves face their
own daily struggles for happiness, for survival -
the hardships in their lives only put aside once a week,
when they meet to set the world to rights and to
create exquisite pieces of lace.
When Kate arrives, nothing in Glenmara will ever be the same again.
And in altering the lives of these women and the fate of the village
itself, Kate may also find salvation ...

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