Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Million Dollar Mermaid - by Esther Williams with Digby Diehl (5)

During Hollywood's heyday, big studios battled over the next box-office attraction. While Gene Kelly danced and Judy Garland sang, Esther Williams swam into the heart of America with her dazzling smile, stunning aquabatics, and whole-some appeal. Hand-picked for stardom by movie mogul Louis B. Mayer, Esther shed her wide-eyed innocence at what she affectionately calls University MGM, a unique educational institution where sex appeal and glamour were taught, a school where idols were born. Once a national swimming champion and struggling salesgirl, overnight she became one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. And though fame came quickly, Esther's personal life was often less than joyous. Through troubled marriages, cross-dressing lovers, financial bankruptcy, she shares the ups and downs of her extraordinary career in The Million Dollar Mermaid, a wildly entertaining behind-the-scenes account of one of Tinseltown's classic dream factories.

This autobiography is great and I loved it ... It takes you back to the time of all the old movie stars ... Like Clark Gable,( Love love love him ) Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra and many more ....

I have to admit that Esther was quite open and honest in this book even about herself and her relationships ... It is really funny in parts and eye opening in others especially with the rumours that one hears of the "casting couch" .... did it exist ???

Miss Williams was what MGM called a "manufactured star" who is nonetheless a breed apart, a tough, levelheaded dame who survived the system that created her.

If you love the old movies with the movie stars then you will just lap this book up ... I loved it ...

I rate this book 5*****

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