Friday, October 31, 2008

Things I want my daughter to Know by Elizabeth Noble (2)

What would you like to tell your daughter?

What do you wish you could tell – or have told – your mother before it’s too late?

How do you cope in a world without your mother?
When Barbara realizes time is running out, she writes letters to her four daughters, aware that they'll be facing the trials and triumphs of life without her at their side. But how can she leave them when they still have so much growing up to do?
Take Lisa, in her midthirties but incapable of making a commitment; or Jennifer, trapped in a stale marriage and buttoned up so tight she could burst. Twentysomething Amanda, the traveler, has always distanced herself from the rest of the family; and then there's Hannah, a teenage girl on the verge of womanhood about to be parted from the mother she adores.
But by drawing on the wisdom in Barbara's letters, the girls might just find a way to cope with their loss. And in coming to terms with their bereavement, can they also set themselves free to enjoy their lives with all the passion and love each deserves?
This heartfelt novel by bestselling author Elizabeth Noble celebrates family, friends . . . and the glorious, endless possibilities of life.

I have saw this book many times while I looked for other novels and I kept getting drawn by the Title of the book ... It did make my ponder what would I say to my children ... What Messages would I like them to know ???

The book draws on the four daughters left behind and the husband who are left to cope with Barbara's loss .... To me this was an average read .... I don't really know what I was expecting maybe some miraculous insights ... But sort of left me empty abit .... You can understand and relate to the family left behind and how hard it is for them to move on .... But through all the emotion and their differences they are brought to together ....

It is an Ok read ....

I rate this book 2 1/2 **


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review. I've been waiting for this book to come in for a while now, having been drawn to the title just as you were. If it's too depressing, I may just have to wait a while to read it. I need a good, happy pick-me-up! Any suggestions?

Irish said...

Not Wuthering Heights ... LOL ... The book I am reading at the moment Me and Mr Darcy is light and funny although there is the "S" word mentioned abit in it ... But is is funny and I am enjoying or the Guersery Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society which I cannot recommend enough ... Great book ... Oh and I just finished a another great wee book The Uncommon Reader .... Lovely book and you will read it in no time .... Light hearted I also like anything by Sophie Kinsella .... Or if you can get your hands on Lost in Austen Series chill out for 4 hours and watch that !!! Check out Utube it may have the full epi on now !! Hope that helps .... And happy reading :)

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